Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fishing Village 1

Sorry if you've seen this one already (I had it up for a day last week then pulled it down to make some adjustments). I did 2 versions of the same place with different moods, so this is the first one and I'll post the other one soon. Most of my other work has been more character based so I feel like I learned HEAPS from doing this which is great. So hopefully my next ones will be faster and better!


  1. I love this one Bridget. It definitely shows that you learned a ton from this because I think this is one of the strongest pieces I've seen from you so far. I could almost see this being a special land in Magic. Keep it up. I love seeing environment art. Can't wait to see the other mood.

  2. Excellent work, Biddy. You're making such good progress. I like all your work, of course, including your earlier portrait of Tommy, which you haven't posted yet!

  3. Thanks! Aaron, I've just been checking out your blog, great stuff! :)