Monday, 12 July 2010

Concept Art Workshop

I just did a great concept art workshop taken by Paul Tobin and Warren Mahy where the brief was to reinterpret The return to Oz. I set it in a brothel in India, Dorothy would be a young Indian girl living in the brothel who would eventually become a prostitute and Oz is her imaginary escape world. This is a design for Tic Toc, in the original film he's a soldier robot in Oz who is constantly breaking down, in my version he would exist in the real world and in Oz, in the real world he'd be a crippled beggar boy (like the image), in Oz he would be a cyborg, his back and leg braces, crutches etc would become part of his body and an advantage making him stronger rather than a handicap.  There's still things that bug me about this image but oh well!

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